Book 1:1 Hypnosis Sessions

If you'd prefer to have a 1:1 hypnosis session completed rather than using audio from the app then I'm ready to help you.

P.S. Members get a 25% discount off all types of hypnosis sessions

What is involved in a hypnosis session?

  • A standard hypnosis session is focused on relaxation and giving targeted suggestions which won't be as effective as this type of session if deep trauma has taken place.
  • As you listen the effects become cumulative and start to show in your behaviour.

What is involved in an advanced hypnosis session?

  • The advanced session uses a form of regression therapy that takes you back to previous memories and past events.
  • This type of session is more suited to individuals who have a history of past trauma. The aim is not to relive the trauma, it is to empower you to release and reframe it's meaning to you, so you can move past it.

How to prep for your session?


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Book 1:1 Advanced Hypnosis Session (25% Member Discount)
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Book 1:1 Hypnosis Session (25% Member Discount)
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Book 1:1 Hypnosis Session
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