Change Your Thinking | Change Your Results

Hi there, I'm Edmund. A coach, trainer, and certified hypnotist.

My interest in hypnosis began while I was working in people development.

I had been training and coaching individuals to enhance their performance.

After adding hypnosis to my skill set, I've loved how powerful it can be to empower people to really live life to their full potential, taking positive action and overcoming phobias.

Through my client sessions and coaching programmes, I’ve hypnotized hundreds of people.

Fully Remote Service

Access group or individual sessions from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel or lookup Google Maps to find me. I'm only a few clicks away.

Clients love how easy it is to jump on when they need help and get fast support.

Why Me?

My approach is focused on enabling you to unlock what's inside you, rather than focusing on what's holding you back.

I want you to feel empowered, to live your life on purpose without regrets so you can feel good about being you, and achieve your goals.

Together, we'll empower you to reframe and release the negative thoughts & feelings which are holding you back from feeling and achieving what you want to.

What Do Clients Say?

I'm 100% focused on supporting every client and ensuring they feel supported to realise their potential.

That's why clients have no issues recommending me to their friends. 

I'm really proud to have been recognised by Brainz Magazine for my work on mindset and I was included on their 500 global list in 2021.