Are You Self-Sabotaging Without Realising?

Who You Are

Self-sabotage can be a manifestation of past trauma which can be confusing, frustrating, or restricting because most people have no idea where to start or what to do.

Take Self-Sabotage Assessment


✔ You're someone who wants to break through what's been holding you back

✔ You know at a deep level that you deserve more than this

✔ You are open to the idea that it's possible to let go of past trauma and pain, however, you're not sure how

What You Struggle With

→ A feeling of resistance or being blocked somehow

→ Feeling stuck and procrastinating when you know, that you really need to do something

→ Worrying, obsessive overthinking about past or future events

→ Fear of success, failure or what people might think

→ Avoiding certain situations completely even though you know you shouldn't be worried

You've likely already tried several solutions so far

✔ Mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises

✔ Talk therapy, counselling, apps with audio programmes

✔ Diet programmes / change of exercise routine

✔ YouTube videos, podcasts, online courses

✔ Affirmations, journalling

Why Nothing's Worked

The simple truth is that you are operating on autopilot mode right now…

That’s why I want to empower you to create the SELF-AWARENESS you need in order to start changing your behaviour.

And because your behaviour and habits are not changing, nothing is changing so you end up stuck in the vicious circle.

What Would Happen If You Started Feeling

→ Confident to make decisions without worrying about what others think or if you'll make a mistake

→ Good enough to know that you don't need any validation from others

→ Relaxed and excited when thinking about future events

→ Excited to take on new challenges and to learn even when under pressure

→ Confident to know that you deserve to get to the next level and ready to put the work in while maintaining a work-life balance

If you're ready to stop self-sabotaging and start achieving your goals, then keep reading.

Programme Benefits

100% Virtual

Coaching & hypnosis sessions can be completed in the evenings so there's minimal disruption to your work schedule. You have full control over when sessions take place. Choose from time slots, book, and everything is synced to both our calendars.

Deep Impact

Most programmes give you tools and frameworks which are great but they don't address the deep-rooted trauma or behaviour which is affecting your results and relationships. By combining both, you'll see faster results for your work and relationships.


Watch as the resistance that held you back fades away as you listen to the audios. Start feeling energised and crushing your goals with an unlocked abundance of energy and motoivation. 


Create a winning success mindset by reprogramming limiting beliefs and reframing the meaning behind deep rooted trauma so you can feel good about being you, stop worrying and show up confidently.

How Does It Work?

You'll get access to a dedicated coaching platform where you'll be able to track your progress.

We'll combine advanced hypnosis sessions to reframe any limiting beliefs while we work on breaking down your primary goal into milestones.

Coaching sessions will focus on the actions you are taking to achieve your milestones so you have a visual way of linking progress to ROI.

The programme will run over 12 weeks.

Staying Accountable

 Create New Habits

Track habits and stay consistent to lock in new behaviours

 Manage Activities

Close off assigned tasks and create your own to stay on track

 Interactive Worksheets

Reflect on progress and take decisive action

PLUS access to bonus content

 Download All Store Products

Get all existing and future products free while the programme is active. You can literally download every single item and put the resources into practice immediately.

 1 Year's Access 

Get access to all of the existing and future hypnosis/mindfulness audios for 12 months. You can decide to cancel or extend the subscription after the year.

 Self-Hypnosis Training

Learn how to quickly give yourself powerful suggestions to extend the transformation in the programme and take your performance to the next level.


How does this programme measure my success?

We agree at the beginning the changes that you'd like to see. This includes how you respond to certain situations and also we look at a measurable metric.

All of your actions and tasks are tracked in a dedicated coaching container with email reminders and calendar sync so you are held accountable. 

I'm not sure hypnosis or mindfulness will work on me. 

Being open to hypnosis is the key to seeing the benefits. When we close our minds to something it becomes fixed and much harder to change our thinking.

Listening to hypnosis and mindfulness will start to show in your thinking and behaviour in as little as 30 days if you follow the steps.

If I don't believe it's for me can I have a refund?

Of course. If however inside of 14 days you want a refund you'll get it no questions asked.

I am very careful about who I enrol on the programme. If I don't think you're a good fit, I won't take you forward.

I don't want to enrol people who won't step up to challenge themselves and do the work. No programme can offer you a magic silver spoon and personally I would be very cautious signing up for any that do.

I promise you that if you work with me and implement the steps you'll see a dramatic shift in your mindset, confidence, resilience and productivity.

What happens to my data once the programme ends? 

In line with GDPR policy all of the information is destroyed.

Can I please have a test demo of the coaching platform before I signup?

Of course. I have a sample container ready and you'll get a walkthrough of it when you book your consultation call. 

I really want to get on this. Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. You can pay in full at £1,997.99 and save or split the payment down into smaller amounts of:

3-month plan - £680 x 3 (with £680 upfront and 2 remaining months of £680)

6-month plan - £350 x 6 (with £350 upfront and 5 remaining months of £350)

Please note that failure to pay will result in a legal notice being served. You will be required to enter into a legally binding agreement for each payment plan.