4 Pillars


By identifying underlying mindset blocks or limiting beliefs you'll achieve goals faster because you're removing inner resistance to taking action.


Lots of people give up too early and don't see the benefits of fully forming success habits. Staying on track leads to more consistency with results.


Being productive isn't just about you, it's also about using the right toolkit. Learn about new tools and share best practice with others to crush your to-do list.


Research shows that when you are accountable for goals, you're much more likely to achieve them, than if you were on your own.

4 Pillars In Alignment

The 4 pillars are integrated into monthly activities which leverage proven principles and drive specific behaviours:

Mindset sessions to visualize success and overcome blocks

Mindset app to listen to targetted audios designed to deal with common challenges high performers face (and create your own playlist)

Set intentions with goal-setting sessions designed to gain laser clarity

Group accountability sessions with tracked goals and automatic reminders to stay consistent (forming habits) 

Members can add goals, share, and even watch other people's goals

Access to the performance hub with videos on stress, overwhelm, and useful tools to get more done

Create playlists in the hub to save for later


A study by the American Association for Talent Development suggests that making a commitment to achieve a goal and sharing it with someone increases the likelihood of success.

It is important to be specific and accountable when setting a goal and making a commitment.

Additionally, the study found that the probability of completing a goal increased from 40% to 65% when the intention to achieve it was shared with someone.

Members are encouraged to set a goal and seek out an accountability partner to leverage proven benefits. 


As Christopher Bergland (2017) notes,

“Hardwired fear-based memories often lead to avoidance behaviors that can hold you back from living your life to the fullest.”

In addition, Duke University published research showing that 40% of our actions are based on habits, rather than conscious choice. 

Members have access to hypnosis audios & mindfulness audios to increase resilience, reduce stress and increase motivation.

They can also undertake Rapid Transformational Therapy where required to reframe fear-based memories so they can overcome resistance to taking action. 


Implementation intentions are a powerful tool for helping individuals achieve their goals.

Recent research has shown that implementation intentions can have a positive effect on goal attainment with medium-to-large magnitude.

A study of 94 independent tests revealed that the average effect size was .65, indicating that implementation intentions can be an effective strategy for achieving one's goals.

Members have access to goal-setting sessions to gain clarity on goals. They can also work with accountability partners or complete intensive 1:1 coaching using a specialized habit-tracking platform.


Zapier's L&D team saved 1000 hours a year by introducing automation.

Picking the right tools can save you time. Combining useful systems with the activities related to the 3 other pillars will significantly increase your productivity in no time. 

Members have access to a performance library that includes useful videos on the latest tools.

They can also share examples of case studies with other members to learn and share best practices.